Onwards Kaya Stewart – New Artist Spotlight from Artist Direct

Kaya Stewart brings a new sort of edge to pop music. Daughter of the legendary Dave Stewart, co-founder of Eurythmics and multitalented Renaissance Man, she’s certainly got the creative gene. However, she uses it to generate a sound and style that’s distinctly her own on her debut single, “In Love With A Boy.” It’s the world’s official introduction to Kaya and a prelude to her forthcoming self-titled debut, out this fall via Warner Bros. Records and produced by Dave.”In Love With A Boy” paves the way for her path to superstardom. That’s right. This girl is going to lead pop. Mark our words on it. Taking a booming electro-fied beat, adding a succinct R&B groove, and a jagged rock ‘n’ roll punch, she bursts out of the gate with a crush anthem that’s utterly fresh and fiery. That fire really arises from her entrancing, engaging, and enigmatic voice. She channels soul music through a cyber valley, yielding something that’s genuinely new and authentic. It’s what all of the indie alternative pop bands have been trying to do for the past few years, but haven’t quite managed to conjure the way that Kaya does. She’s got that cred to boot!

This already heightens excitement for the album when it drops, outlining her potential to be utterly massive and really shake up the pop music landscape. She’s got the High School Nation Tour with Trevor Jackson and Jacob Latimore under her belt, and she’s gearing up for a summer on Warped Tour where she’ll undoubtedly stand out from the pack.

Get ready to fall in love with Kaya now. It’s her time to change pop.

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