oh what fun we had :) Talenthouse…

Oh what fun we had!

Take a look at the epic “Tacos and Tequila” event that happened last week at Talenthouse Headquarters in Los Angeles!

Last week Talenthouse HQ (Los Angeles) hosted our partners from the German and London Talenthouse offices for an amazing week filled with conferences, meetings and of course- a party. On Wednesday March 4th, Talenthouse held an epic “Tacos and Tequila” event at the office and invited the community to learn about the incredible opportunities¬†Talenthouse provides to the art community. The sun had already set, the tacos were flowing and people were enjoying the atmosphere with drinks in hand. Dave Stewart brought a personal martini set and stirred himself a martini while watching a beautiful Talenthouse artist named Tiffanie Anderson¬†paint a magnificent mural of Andy Warhol on our interior wall. To say the least, the party went well.

Seen It: Talenthouse Headquarter LA Event

Dave Stewart at Talenthouse

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