New group SHEL star in Covent Garden show

SHel Music - The Hospital

The venue was the Hospital Club (Covent Garden), the prestigious Oak room 4th floor was where I witnessed a group which if I’m honest only came to my attention that morning when I got the assignment to review the act called SHEL 4 sisters who are all distinctively different in dress sense and overall musical delivery. The name SHEL is  an acronym for their individual names: Sarah on violin, Hannah on keyboard, Eva on mandolin, Liza on drums, djembe and beatboxing.

They had an air of don’t care as they effortlessly engaged with the audience, sharing childhood tales of the mischief and mayhem they caused whilst growing up. The banter between them was delightful and genuine.

The synchronised nature of their act was something you don’t see much in this business these days. Voices of angels but with this rugged edge at just the right time. They have this deep knowingness of when to switch the tempo.

These young ladies are far from one dimensional as they play their instruments in the manner of much  more seasoned performers, absolutely blew me away.

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