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Kaya Stewart achieves EP of the Week for her In Love With A Boy EP out now via Warner Bros. Records. With these five tracks, the Los Angeles songstress (currently out on Warped Tour) pulls pop music into a DeLorean and drives it right to the future, while stopping by the past. It’s a delicate balance of her robust, raw, and real soulful vocals and booming, yet warm production. That’s what makes In Love With A Boy stand out. The music can be rich and rife with modern flourishes, while Kaya’s vocals are utterly timeless. It’s that juxtaposition which makes her arrival so welcome, exciting, and fresh.

It kicks off with the title track and single, which recently served as her entry into the musical landscape. Its spunk doesn’t diminish; it only feels stronger within this body of work. “Jonah” is a delightful exposition of emotion, while “Let’s Split” pairs deep and dynamic sonics with her equally muscular delivery. “Try It Out” offers a more up-tempo segue before everything culminates on the finale “Feel Good.” It definitely leaves you with that emotion as everything flutters off in a union of bombastic musicality and impressive vocals.
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