I called it a game-changer & said it’s destined for the global stage. You can now invest in Ideas Britian

I called it a game-changer & said it’s destined for the global stage. Starting today, you can invest in @IdeasBritain

The Idea

Launching this Autumn we believe Ideas Britain is a world first, we have developed and built a mobile mentoring app. It lays the right tools at the feet of aspiring entrepreneurs, and urges they pick them up – and follow their dream.

Ideas Britain was conceived by TV Executive Adam Shaw in 2013, after young son Harvey told his dad he wanted to launch a business of his own.

As with many aspiring entrepreneurs, Harvey would benefit immensely from the right mentoring, finance, opportunities, knowledge, and peer support as he starts his journey in business.

So Ideas Britain is all those things: a complete ideas ecosystem – including a supporting social media and entertainment network – that packs everything we believe an aspiring entrepreneur would need to make their mark, including some unbeatable coaching talent and access to brands already on Board.

Including some experienced coaching talent already on board.

All the information can be found here

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