Help me and Jeremy Gilley mark Peace Day with a GoogleDoodle on the 21st September

There are hundreds of millions of daily visits to

Imagine if those people were made aware of Peace Day?

Why a Google Doodle?

Google has dedicated its iconic logo to a number of key social movements over the years including International Women’s Day, Earth Day and Nelson Mandela’s 95th Birthday.

So for 21 September, why don’t we ask for one for Peace Day? 

With hundreds of millions of daily visits to, a Peace Day Google Doodle can reach more people than ever before, encouraging users worldwide to get involved. It would be fantastic if Google could celebrate Peace Day and help “bring smiles to the faces of Google users around the world”.

What you can do

Email Google

Google Doodles are selected by a team of ‘doodlers’ from a range of sources, including Google users across the globe. Anyone can suggest a Google Doodle by emailing .

So for Peace Day why not email Google and ask them to dedicate their doodle on 21 September to peace.

Please remember to add your name to the bottom of the draft.

Click here for a draft focused on Peace Day Education 

Here are word doc versions of these draffts.

Reach out via Social Media

If you have emailed Google calling for a Peace Day Google Doodle, Thank you! but please tell your friends and family you have and encourage them to do the same. Here are some templates you can use – just copy & paste them into twitter or Facebook.

Tell @GoogleDoodles about #PeaceDay

We need to tell Google that Peace Day is 21 September. Help us do this through social media

  • @GoogleDoodles Do you know that #PeaceDay is #21Sept? Please tell your users through a #PeaceDay #GoogleDoodle! Thank you
  • @GoogleDoodles You can help us tell hundreds of millions of your users that #21Sept is #PeaceDay. Join us standing for peace on the day
  • @GoogleDoodles On #21Sept please dedicate your #GoogleDoodle to #PeaceDay. With your help we can get the world standing united for peace!

Here are some graphics that you can use to encourage your friends and family to join you asking for a Peace Day Google Doodle.


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