Dave Stewart launches web innovation contest

Thrilled to announce my new role at @IdeasBritain a new initiative that’s breaking down the barriers to mentoring and finance, providing everyone from all walks of life the opportunity to turn their ideas and dreams into reality. You can now submit your idea – FIrst up is the chance to win a trip to Manchester, London, LA and New York to be mentored by industry giants and win finance for your idea. Beyond that, yours truly could even become your coach!

A quiet sort of international rock star, Dave Stewart has spent much of the time since he found fame and fortune with Eurythmics behind the scenes, honing the talents of others.

Now also a screenwriter, author and composer, he remains a powerful figure in the music industry – working with Stevie Nicks, Gwen Stefani, Bryan Ferry and Katy Perry – and this weekend Stewart announces another unexpected departure.

He is to become the creative director of a new online game designed to find valuable new ideas and give inventors the chance to make it big. Called Ideas Britain, the game aims to break open the closed world of investment to a wave of fresh business concepts, by simply allowing their ideas to compete for attention and prizes.

Read the full article in The Observer here

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