Crazy Musician talks to Forbes Magazine!

Crazy Musician talks to Forbes Magazine
Source: Forbes Magazine
Leading A Creative Business: Lessons From Eurythmics Cofounder Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart - Forbes Magazine

When Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox formed Eurythmics in 1981, they tried to prevent the interpersonal problems that had torn apart their previous band, The Tourists. They were also penniless.

Undeterred, Stewart walked into a bank and convinced the manager to grant them a loan of 7,000 pounds to start a business that they called D&A, for Dave and Annie. To realize their musical aspirations, they became entrepreneurs.

“When Annie and I decided to be a duo, Eurythmics, there was nobody else,” Stewart told me. “So I had to learn everything from how to record yourself, how to manage yourself to how to get a bank to give you money to buy equipment to make a record. Everything that an entrepreneur has to do for a start-up business I had to do for Eurythmics.” Since then, Stewart has infused all of his endeavors with business practices.

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